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3 free trial sessions from the unique collection of 58 original games, puzzles, story- and play-based activities in the Logic Activity Pack, to help you decide if these games are right for your family!  

The Logic module of Key to Learning at Home will develop your child’s ability to analyse objects and events, see their invisible sides, identify their most essential characteristics, think sequentially, draw conclusions, and classify and systematise information. Further details are provided in the introductory documents provided with your free trial.

Each ‘session’ contains one or more engaging activity, that will secretly develop, strengthen, deepen and enrich your child’s ‘learning abilities’ – their cognitive, communicative and self-regulative abilities – while you have fun together.


  • 3 free sessions
  • For approximately age 4 and upwards (to about age 7)
  • Full instructions and high quality printable resources included
  • Immediate access


  • Free (no payment details required)

I'm just blown away at how brilliantly these activities build on each other and at the way my son is picking up all these concepts so well! Such a gift to be able to watch your child learn in real time, isn't it? Thank you again for all your hard work on this program. It's truly invaluable. 

Kathy Leibowitz

Homeschooling mum of two young boys, USA

If you have any doubts at all, just email us with your questions and we'll do our best to help:

One of my research officers visited one of your private nurseries and was just bowled over by the work the children were doing. She thinks your program is brilliant, and so do I!

Professor Kathy Sylva, OBE

Honorary Research Fellow and Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Oxford, UK